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Diamond Appraisal

When it comes to the price of diamonds it is important to know the value of a diamond. So if you want to buy a diamond an appraisal is vital to ensure you fully understand the value of your diamond. Most diamonds are sold retail with a heavy mark up, especially from department stores, and the true cost of diamonds is considerably less than the retail value. Often 50 percent or more.

What is Diamond Appraisal
No two diamonds are ever alike. Each have their own characteristics. A diamond appraisal is where a properly qualified gemmological laboratory studies your diamond and gives you a report that lists all the qualities of that particular diamond A diamond should be properly appraised and a certificate should be issued giving the details of that appraisal. When you come to sell that diamond, having a properly authenticated appraisal by an established appraiser can make a big difference with the sale.

Some points to take note of when having your diamond appraised.

Seek out an established appraiser. Some people have gotten an appraisal from a department store or the store where they purchased the diamond. This would not guarantee you an proper appraisal. More like a promotional for that store.

The appraiser should be independent and at least a member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers.

What the Appraisal Consists of
The appraisal should consist of the exact and specific details about the diamond. This should include:

Weight. Diamonds are weighed in carats. A carat is .2 grams. A gram of diamond would be a massive 5 carats. Very large in diamond terms although the actual diamond is small. A carat is further divided into Points, and there are 100 Points to a carat. So 1 point is .002 of a gram. Very small indeed. Shape and Cut. What is the shape and cut of the diamonds There are various different established cuts.

The proportions of the diamond should be shown including the:


The culet. This is a point on the bottom of a diamond's pavilion and it is called a culet (pronounced que-let or the French sounding que-lay). Very often the culet is polished as a flat facet to prevent chipping. More often these days the cutter will "close" this facet to a point. Here would describe the type of culet for this particular diamond

Also what is the finish. The quality of the polish and symmetry. These should be graded as GOOD or above.

The Clarity Grade should be clearly listed also. Check the clarity chart here Diamond Clarity.

The color grade should also be shown and lastly any additional comments that might be relevant for the diamond. Here is a list of the color grades. Diamond Color

A diagram of the diamond showing any flaws should also be included and the date of the appraisal should be shown also.

Some appraisal abbreviations are shown here Diamond Appraisal Abbreviations

Some appraisors can be found Diamond Appraisors.

Buy Diamonds
Interestingly enough buying diamonds online can be a better buy than from say Sears, for example. The mark up is considerably less as one does not have to contribute to the bright lights, fine store fittings and employees wandering around not to mention the management and shareholders 'cut'. However it is vital in this situation that you get a proper appraisal with the diamond as you are buying "blind" as it were. You cannot see the diamond before you buy, only a picture on your screen.

An independent appraiser is worth his weight in gold when it comes to appraising the price of a diamond. the cost also especially when it comes to insurance.

The details of the stone should be recorded along with the value and other details that identify the stone in the event it becomes stolen.

Diamond appraisal, therefore, is not just a idle fancy but a necessary and important step to safeguarding the price of your diamonds.

Picture courtesy of International Gemological Instititue


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