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European Gemological Laboratory USA

European Gemological Laboratory USA

EGL Introduction
EGL USA is one of the largest and oldest independent gemological institutions focusing on gemstone certification and research. Originally part of an international network founded in Europe in 1974, EGL USA opened its first U.S. lab in the heart of New York's international diamond and jewelry district in 1977. Their website is

The first US EGL laboratory was opened in the heart of New York's international diamond and jewelry district in 1977 and is now one of the largest and oldest independent gemological institutions focusing on gemstone certification and research. In 1986 EGL USA became independently owned. Today the EGL USA Group has laboratories in New York City, Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Toronto.

The EGL USA laboratory is now independent of the European ones and has no affiliation with any other EGL labs outside North America. Every certificate issued by their laboratory now has "A member of the EGL USA Group." On it and Certificate numbers are all preceded by either "US" or "CA," to indicate the country of origin and assure the recipient that the certificate has been issued by a member of the EGL USA Group.

EGL USA Mission Statement
Their Mission Statement is quoted as follows:

As a global institution, EGL USA is committed to protecting the integrity of the jewelry trade and the public's interest through applied science, innovation, education, and exceptional service.

EGL USA's consistent focus over the past quarter century has been to provide unsurpassed service to the jewelry industry. Of prime importance is conducting our business in the most unbiased manner, without influence from commercial interests or sales organizations. These are the tenets upon which EGL USA was founded and still operates by today.

EGL USA strives to anticipate technological changes that will impact the gem and jewelry industry. Significant resources are earmarked annually for equipment and research purposes to expand our capabilities to respond quickly to the changing needs of the industry.

EGL USA offers a number of services for those in the trade as well as consumers and others. These include:
International diamond manufacturers Diamond dealers
Mining companies
Chain retailers
Small independent jewelers
The public
EGL USA Reports
EGL USA offers a comprehensive array of gem identification and evaluation reports in the industry, including customized reports. As a full-service lab, it is unique in the industry, providing identification for rough and polished diamonds as well as colored gems (including country of origin) and pearls.

EGL USA reports include the most detailed information listing extensive measurements, proportions and other diamond and gemstone characteristics. Customers may select from a wide array of report sizes and formats, which are regularly updated.

Diamond Reports
Although the majority of EGL USA certificates are requested by the jewelry trade, consumers may also send their diamonds, colored stones, or pearls directly to an EGL USA Group office for identification, grading, or laser inscription. Most retail jewelers can also offer to make lab service arrangements for you.

Advanced Laser Inscription
EGL USA uses an advanced laser inscription technology. A black or transparent inscription is applied to any part of the diamond. uses a special "cold laser" process safe for all gemstones and metal, with no chipping. The machine inscribes a certificate number as well as any custom-designed message or logo and any script font can be added including your own signature if required.

EGL USA state they, "offer a guarantee in writing on the basis that its laser inscription will never chip or fracture a diamond, because of the "cold laser process" (using a short wave length--the very deep Ultra-Violet part of light's spectrum of light-waves) produces no thermal effect on the inscribed gem." This enables the system to have a greater control over laser depth, sharpness and micron marking and lets the user create the intricate detail required for bar-codes, logos, photographs, handwriting, line art etc.

EGL USA's Jewelry Webguard™
EGL USA also provide what they call Jewelry Webguard™. When you buy a certified stone online, ask the seller to ship it with the certificate to the nearest EGL USA office. EGL will then provide a third-party endorsement that the stone and its certificate match and will issue a Jewelry Webguard™ certificate. EGL USA then ships the stone, its original certificate and the new Jewelry Webguard™ certificate to you, the buyer.

Some insurance companies will not cover shipping between a dealer and a consumer without a third-party endorsement. The Jewelry Webguard™ provides this service to both parties in the transaction.

Independent Appraisal
Which brings us to Independent Appraisal. EGL USA is the Only Full Service Laboratory in North America and can provide a one stop service for all your lab needs, including customized reports. Universal Gemological Services, an EGL USA affiliate, offers independent appraisal services to the trade and consumer. Every EGL USA certificate comes with a free UGS Consultation of Appraisal.

Pre-Grading Services
EGL USA is also the only laboratory offering pre-grading. For one stone or one hundred, pre-grading can be offered without the expense of certification. For a relatively small fee, EGL USA will provide grading results and gives clients the option to have a certificate printed from the pre-grading information for a full year.

Rough Diamond Grading
EGL USA is the only laboratory in North America that grades rough diamonds. Its Mineralogical and Rough Diamond Department is comprised of experts in the grading and classification of rough diamonds.

EGL USA Research
EGL USA is the only independent North American laboratory with a self-funded gemological research department. Through in-house investigations, field sampling, and collaboration with leading scientists from the physics, geological, and mineralogical worlds, our research team has revealed new insights into issues of major concern to the jewelry trade.

EGL USA is one of few labs specializing in diamonds that is doing research, grading and education on high pressure high temperature (HPHT) treated diamonds. In 1999, when the first HPHT treated diamond entered the commercial market, EGL USA initiated a major research effort to specifically address HPHT detection issues. Its ongoing efforts have led to the development of highly reliable identification procedures and a significant database on HPHT diamonds.

As new gemological challenges arise, its research team has undertaken studies in other areas, such as:

The stability of irradiated diamonds
Treatments of colored stones
Rough diamond studies
Cut studies
Valuation studies of HPHT diamonds
Synthetic diamonds
Pearl identification
EGL USA Public Relations
EGL USA is one of few labs that speaks to consumers through ongoing national advertising and public relations in outlets such as Modern Bride, Bridal Guide, InStyle, Martha Stewart Weddings, Town & Country, Latina, Glamour, and Bloomberg Radio. Market research shows that 70% of consumers place a priority on buying diamonds from a recognized gem lab.

EGL USA Industry Affiliations & Awards
EGL USA supports the goals of many jewelry industry organizations and is affiliated through membership with the following associations:

In the U.S
American Society of Appraisers
American Gem Trade Association
Diamond Manufacturers and Importers Association of America
International Colored Gemstone Association
Jewelers Board of Trade
Jewelers Vigilance Committee
National Association of Jewelry Appraisers
New York Diamond Dealers Club
Southern Jewelers Travelers Association
West Coast Diamond Dealers Club
Women's Jewelry Association
Consolidated Jewelers Association of Greater New York

In Canada
Canadian Jewellers Association
Jewellers Vigilance Canada

In 2003 the JCK Jewelry Industry Fund awarded EGL USA a significant research grant for its ongoing work in the identification of natural and synthetic diamonds modified by high pressure high temperature treatments.

EGL USA is perhaps the leading and foremost Diamond and Gem Laboratories in the USA and Canada.


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