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Diamonds from a Loved One’s Cremation


LifeGem Diamonds
LifeGem diamonds, with 17 offices around the world, have been in operation since 2002 making diamonds with the heat and high pressure process.
What makes them unique however is that they use the carbon extracted by a special process from the ashes or hair of a deceased loved one.
This means that anyone can have a diamond made from the remains of a deceased loved one or even a loved pet.

LifeGem state on their website,

“This is not just a “job” for us, this is our dream, this is our mission, and this is our life. We have been creating LifeGem diamonds since 2002, and it took four years and everything we had to make the LifeGem diamond a reality before that. We believe in the LifeGem with every ounce of our soul, and we hope it shows.”

The Process
LifeGem Diamonds are real diamonds of course. Made from carbon as they are in nature. The difference is the process used. From the ashes or human hair of the deceased, the carbon is carefully extracted by a special process developed by LifeGem and then used in a heat and pressure chamber to develop the diamond. One can select from a range of colored diamonds and sizes. The bigger the size the longer the process takes of course and the higher the cost.

Once the carbon is extracted it is heated to an extremely high temperature in order to convert the carbon into a special kind of graphite that has the unique characteristics and elements suitable to make a diamond. This is called purification.

blue diamond

The diamond is then created by placing the graphite into a special chamber where immense pressure and heat are brought to bear in order to transform the graphite into a diamond. Each diamond is uniquely individual and there is a range of colors, cuts and sizes to choose from.

Once the diamonds are created, the facets are cut according to your wishes with a laser etch of a unique identifier on the girdle.

All diamonds produced are loose and all are certified by gemologists trained by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and a certificate from them is issued to accompany the diamond.

Of course it is not an overnight process and can take up to six months or so for a diamond to be created, but the result is truly unique and individual.

Man made diamonds have been around since the 1050s when General Electric began the process with hundreds of thousands of man-made diamonds now produced today. What makes the difference is the ability of LifeGem to extract the carbon from cremated remains and create a diamond out of that.

This is truly turning your loved ones into diamonds.

According to the website,
“At LifeGem’s state of the art facility, we pride ourselves in creating the most flawless diamonds possible.”

What to Order
One can order a range of colors, red, blue, yellow, green and of course translucent. Sizes can be from .20 points up to a carat. The longer it takes to create the diamond the larger it will be.
LifeGem diamonds do have flaws just as real diamonds do and can be rated from VVS to 1 (see the ratings system in the menu on the left). Here is a chart that gives the ratings available.

LifeGem Chart

Ordering is very simply. One can order online or call a service consultant to discuss the options, price and so forth. This is probably the best option.

LifeGem also offer a special service where one can create diamonds from previously cremated remains. This involved a rather special process different to the usual used. Also a service to create diamonds from pets
cremated remains is available to those that held their pets dear.

How to Order
Ordering your very own LifeGem® diamond, either from a lock of hair, or the ashes of your loved one, is a simple three step process.

1. Print and complete the order form. If you have any questions, you can call LifeGem and they will talk you through it. You can order online 24 hours a day.

2. Package your order as stated in the order form, or you can call LifeGem on 866-543-3436 to request your free shipping kit. This kit has everything you need to securely return your order to them by Registered US Mail.

3. Take your package to your nearest US Post office.

You can also arrange a visit to our office and in special circumstances they can offer a personal visit to your home for order pick up if you do not feel comfortable mailing in your order. Once they have received your order, they will confirm your details and issue your unique LifeGem ID via email and US Mail. Their tracking system will keep you updated throughout the entire process. You can also login anytime to check your order status, update your personal information, write and post a tribute of your loved one’s unique life, and more.

The cost depends principally on the size of the diamond. For example a yellow diamond of .19 would be just under $US2500. Blue just under 2700. Colorless about 3000 dollars. Larger diamonds would cost more of course.

LifeGem diamonds are independently recognized as genuine by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). They state.

“Our Guarantee to You…
Each and every LifeGem diamond is certified for authenticity by a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America. All of the world’s finest jewelers use this same process. With each certified, high-quality, LifeGem memorial diamond, we offer an exclusive lifetime guarantee against any and all defects.”
All LifeGem diamonds come with their own beautifully stamped LifeGem certificate showing the carat weight, overall dimensions, color, clarity, polish, and symmetry and, as shown in the GIA grading report, LifeGem diamonds are regularly inspected, identified as a diamond, and graded for quality by the Gemological Institute of America.

Contact details
Address: 836 Arlington Heights Road #311, Elk Grove village. Il 60007
Phone: 866-LIFEGEM (866-543-3436)

Checking feedback there are no negative comments noted but quite a few positive comments including videos available. If you have any feedback on the company please feel free to leave it on our feedback page.


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