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Secret Diamond Hoard Worth Billions?

According to the Siberian Times there are enough Diamonds in the Popigai crypto-explosion structure to keep the world in diamonds for over 3000 years.

The gigantic source of diamonds was formed by an asteroid over 34 million years ago in the Popigai crater in Siberia, Russia.

According to the Siberian News, The ‘impact diamonds’ have been ‘classified’ since the Stalin era, but Russia is now actively researching how to exploit the ‘trillions and trillions of carats’, a scientific conference in Novosibirsk was told at the weekend.”

Soviet geologists established the exceptional quality of the diamonds in the 1970s but the source was classified because the USSR was involved in the production of synthetic diamonds, it is understood.

Nicknamed ‘Siberian extraterrestrial diamonds’, the statement on declassification - which emerged from Novosibirsk scientists from the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy at the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences - was hailed as ’sensational’ by Itar-Tass news agency.
‘The first results of research were sufficient to talk about a possible overturn of the entire world market of diamonds’, said Academician Nikolai Pokhilenko.

‘The resources of super-hard diamonds contained in rocks of the Popigai crypto-explosion structure are - by a factor of ten - bigger than the world’s all known reserves. We are speaking about many trillions of carats. For comparison, present-day known reserves in Yakutia, Russia’s main diamond supplies are estimated at one billion carats.’


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