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Diamond Wholesale Corporation

Diamond Wholesale CorporationBefore you buy diamonds and jewelry from The Diamond Wholesale Corporation, it is a good idea to read this write up and find out who The Diamond Wholesale Corporation actually are and how safe they are.

One should always do some due diligence before buying from any diamond or jewelry dealer online.

Who are the Diamond Wholesale Corporation
The Diamond Wholesale Corporation sells Diamonds to Diamond Dealers, Jewelry Designers and Jewelry Stores in Canada, the United States and Germany.

Formerly known as TransGlobal Diamonds Co, and situated in Israel, it was relocated to Canada 1999, and incorporated under it’s new name DWC Diamond Wholesale Corporation. It is currently based in Ontario Canada but has offices in New York, LA and Cologne in Germany. Founded by Patrick J. Boening, who is also the CEO and President, The Diamond Wholesale Corporation is registered under the Business Corporation Act, Cert #: 1511290.

According to the website,, Boening is a graduate of the Gemmological Training Center at the German Institute for Advanced Professional Training in Gemmology in Idar-Oberstein and has over 15 years experience as Chief Gemologist and Director of the Diamond Department as well as gemological Teacher, for one of Israel’s biggest Diamond and Jewelry Manufacturers, (Co-Founder of IDL - Israeli Diamond Laboratory). Today, Patrick concentrates on the wholesale of diamonds in North America and Germany.

Their headquarters are in Markham, ONTARIO Canada

The Diamond Wholesale Corporation Customer Service

Most of the links on the page on the right hand side do not work. Most of the links on the left do work but there are some odd links that simply link to the page you are currently on. e.g. The links under the ‘Categories’ for example.

Customer service consists of individually selling you a diamond after you have specified what type of diamond with its characteristics, you would like.
The Diamond wholesale Corporation state that all their diamonds come with Gemological Certificates, from one of these fine organizations:

AGS: American Gemological Society
GIA: Gemological Institute of America
EGL: European Gemological Laboratory
HRD: Hoge Raad Voor Diamant (Diamond High Council)
IGI: International Gemological Institute
GS: Gem Scan (Gemological Laboratories)

The Diamond Wholesale Corporation Product Range

Listed on the site are the words:
Diamond Ring
Engagement Ring
Diamond Pendant
Diamond Bracelet
Diamond Earrings
Diamond Necklace
Diamond Brooch
Diamond Collier
Diamond Pin
Diamond Money Clip
Diamond Shapes
Round Brilliant Cut
Princess Cut
Asscher Cut
Marquise Cut
Heart Shape
Oval Cut
Cushion Cut
Pear Shape
Emerald Cut
Radiant Cut

Only the words ‘Diamond Earrings’ actually links to a page displaying specific diamonds and prices. The others either do not link at all or simply link to the page you are on at the time.

The Diamond Wholesale Corporation keeps no inventory and in fact there is no inventory on their website other than the above mentioned earrings. If you want a diamond you have to specifically fill out a form and specify the details of the diamond you are looking for. This puts you in touch with a salesperson direct rather than you choosing from a range of diamonds as is common with many other jewellers’.

In addition all the diamonds are loose or single. Not set in jewelry (apart from those earrings). Something you would have to organise yourself once you have taken delivery of the gemstone.

The Diamond Wholesale Corporation Payment Options
Payment is by BANK WIRE. They will send you the wiring instructions and once you have wired the funds inform them immediately. If you want to pay by Visa or MasterCard they will charge an additional 3.5 percent processing fee.

The Diamond Wholesale Corporation does not charge or add any taxes or duties.

The Diamond Wholesale Corporation Guarantee and Returns Options
The Diamond Wholesale Corporation offers a 7 Day-Full-Money-Back-Guarantee, starting the day you receive the item.

This does not apply to custom settings however. Any returns should be in the original condition and the original certificate must be included also with the diamond.

The Diamond Wholesale Corporation Shipping Charges & Details

The Diamond Wholesale Corporation does not charge for shipping within the US or Canada. One does have to call and discuss for shipping charges outside the US/Canada region however.

Once payment has been cleared the diamonds are shipped out qwith the original certificate by Federal Express or UPS. During the week they expect to deliver within 48 hours but do not ship weekends or holidays.

For shipping overseas, a small fee is charged for insurance and delivery. They also state that the client or customer is responsible for any duty charged by the recipient country.

Last word on The Diamond Wholesale Corporation
With each certified diamond, you will receive either a GIA or EGL grading report to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. You will also receive an appraisal for insurance purposes. It is high recommended that you insure your diamonds and jewelry in case of theft, loss or damage. If you have bought diamonds or jewelry from, please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and products including any complaints and special attention or service given by online.


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