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Cash for Diamonds USA

Cash for Diamonds USAMany people have heard of the Cash for Gold and how it is possible to sell gold. There are a lot of companies willing to buy your gold and you can find many of them reviewed at Scrap Gold Dealers.

But what about selling diamonds?

One such company that will buy diamonds is Cash for Diamonds USA.

Here is some information about Cash for Diamonds USA to help you decide if this is the way to go when selling diamonds.

A few points to bear in mind first:

1. You are not going to get the original price you paid for your diamond(s). If you paid retail you would have paid at least 50 to 300 percent more than the wholesale value of your diamond. The best price you can expect would be to get around 30 percent of the price you paid.

2. You should have a certificate or something that states the characteristics of the diamond before you offer it for sale. What is its carat weight?, Color Clarity and so forth. If you are selling a fairly expensive diamond it may be well worth getting a certificate for if if you do not have one already. Do not rely upon blind faith that who ever you sell a diamond to, regardless of who it is, is going to necessarily make a fair and accurate estimate of the value of your diamond based upon its true characteristics.

3. It may be worth while looking at selling your diamond by auction or privately. You are likely to get more as the diamond values are increasing steadily.

4. It is important to understand how diamonds are graded. Cash for Diamonds USA grade diamonds on the basis of the following found on their website:

a. CARAT: The stone’s weight expressed in carats where 1 carat = 0.2 gram. The price per carat doesn’t increase proportionally as size goes up. It varies with certain established carat weights. That’s why a diamond of 4 carats is more costly than four 1-carat stones of the same quality. The weight of small diamonds is expressed in ‘points’ rather than percentage of a carat. For example, a 0.4 carat diamond equals 4 points.

b. CLARITY: A diamond’s clarity can be affected by various types of imperfections such as cracks, small pockets, tiny bubbles or other foreign substances that are inclusions within the stone. A perfect stone is free of these.

c. CUT: The way a diamond is cut affects its ability to reflect light and its apparent brilliance. It does this by refracting light from facet to facet and then by finally dispersing it out from the topmost facet of the stone. The most valuable stones generally have the greatest brilliance.

d. COLOR: White diamonds, or those without any coloring, are usually considered the most valuable because they permit light to be passed through and dispersed as a rainbow of colors, much like a prism does. However, if a colored diamond is bright enough, it is considered a “fancy gemstone” and may have considerable value. Pink and blue stones are most valuable.

5. In fact very few diamonds are actually colourless and most are at least tinged with some color however faint. Red diamonds are very rare indeed. Many diamonds have some tint of yellow as a result of small amounts of nitrogen in the stone. When brighter than average, these diamonds are referred to as “canary” stones. There are also green and black diamonds which nearly always have some white inclusions as imperfections in them.

6. Clarity, Cut, Color and Carat are all factors that a diamond buyer should take into account when appraising each stone they receive.The bigger the diamond the more per carat it is worth given that the color, clarity, size and cut are all of good quality.

Ok, now on with the review.

According to Norman Schneider, CEO of Cash for Diamonds USA:

“If you are not satisfied with your payment for any reason, simply notify us, then return your check within 14 days of the date printed on the check and your items will be returned to you free of charge.”
-Norman Schneider, CEO

The company, actually CJ Environmental, Inc. claims a high reputation and a long history for excellence in the precious metal and diamond fields. They have their own refinery for precious metals (of course they buy gold, silver and other precious metals) and have been around since 1975.

Cash for Diamonds USA
State on their website,, that they offer direct to the public rates normally reserved for brokerage firms. Whether this means they pay more or less I could not discern but the website says, “Because we process such a high volume of DIAMOND SHIPMENTS every month, we can afford to pay you top-dollar for all of your diamonds and precious metal settings. We guarantee you’ll be happy with our settlement or we’ll return your material to you.”

Cash for Diamonds USA Sends a FedEx label
Cash for Diamonds will send you a FedEx shipping label to ship your unwanted diamonds or other jewelry and they cover the cost of shipping and insure the package for loss or damage. Within 24 hours of receiving the package they will mail you a check.

Cash for Diamonds USA will also assay the settings
They will determine the value of the gold, silver or platinum based upon weight, purity and current market price, and include payment for that in your cash payout. Prwesumably a breakdown in that situation is included.

Cash for Diamonds USA Offer satisfaction guaranteed
If for any reason you are not satisfied you can contact them within ten (14) business days from the date on the check and they will return your items at no cost to you.

What Diamonds do Cash for Diamonds USA buy?
Basically any item that contains diamonds. These include wedding bands set in gold, silver or platinum; items that contain small diamonds, such as watches, belt buckles, necklaces or rings; loose diamonds bought on their own or that may have come from custom-made jewelry; and large, sometimes specially-cut diamonds, which tend to be worth the most. You can even send in jewelry that doesn’t contain any diamonds at all, such as gold & silver jewelry.

What Size Diamonds Do Cash for Diamonds USA Accept?
Cash for Diamonds will accept all sizes. No diamond is too big or too small. That also includes broken jewelry as, of course, as long as it contains diamonds, they claim they will be able to pay you for it. The condition of the material doesn’t influence the amount of money you’re going to receive. Your compensation is actually based on the weight and purity of the materials you send in, which means that broken jewelry will appraise just as well as regular jewelry.
Their address is:

3053 Fillmore St. #317
San Francisco, CA 94123-4009

How Will I Receive My Payment?

You can choose to receive payment either by check sent in the mail or electronically with PayPal. If you want to take advantage of same day electronic payment using PayPal, let them know by writing “Quickpay” in the material description box along with the contents of your package and they will accommodate your request.

The last word on Cash for Diamonds USA
Cash for Diamonds USA appears to be a bona fide company and If you have any experiences both good and bad with cash for Diamonds USA, please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and products including any online complaints and special attention or service given by Cash for Diamonds USA


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