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Diamonds International

Diamonds InternationalBefore you buy diamonds and jewelry from a Diamonds International diamond store or, the website for Diamonds International, it is a good idea to read this write up and find out who and what Diamonds International actually are and how safe they are. It is always a good idea to do some due diligence before buying from any diamond dealer or jeweler online.

Who are Diamond International

The company Almod Diamonds, Ltd, AKA Diamonds International is run by the following who are the directors and secretary of the company. All own shares in the company. The company was founded over twenty years ago and is still owned by two brothers and ALMOD Diamonds Limited (which owns Diamonds International) has a sight holder license from De Beers a.k.a. The Diamond Trading Company. They started with store in St. Thomas and over the years this has expanded to over 125 locations, mostly around the Caribbean but with a few in the US also. The two founders of Diamonds International are also both graduates of the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA

Almod Diamonds, Ltd consists of the directors and secretary: Albert Gad, Donna Gad-Hecht, Joseph Hecht, Morris Gad, Francine Gad and Isaac Klugmann. Almod Diamonds, Ltd., is a New York corporation. Morris Gad, Albert Gad and Donna Gad-Hecht are siblings, and each are officers and principal shareholders of Almod. Joseph Hecht is Donna Gad-Hecht’s spouse. Francine Gad is Morris Gad’s spouse.

They also have a big interest in a company called Little Switzerland, Inc. (”Little Switzerland” or the “Company”), a leading specialty retailer of luxury items operating 20 distinctively-designed retail stores on five Caribbean islands (duty-free), Florida and Alaska.

Their address is Diamonds International, 38 West 48 Street, Third Floor, New York, NY 10036. Their account dept is reached through Diamonds International
Department of Accounts, P.O. Box 609, Memphis, TN 38101-0609.

The Company markets a wide selection of high-quality products including jewelry, watches, crystal, china, gifts and accessories and is also an exclusive retailer of some specific brand-name products on some islands, Key West and in some areas of Alaska. The Company’s customers are primarily tourists from the United States. Little Switzerland, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Delaware on July 15, 1991. L.S. Wholesale, Inc. (”L.S. Wholesale”), L.S. Holding, Inc. (”L.S. Holding”) and L.S. Holding (Florida), Inc. (”L.S. Florida”) are wholly owned subsidiaries of Little Switzerland.

Their target market is the American Tourist on holiday in the Caribbean and they controls the massive cruise ship market in the Caribbean. With stores lining the Caribbean from the Bahamas down to Grenada, it’s difficult to NOT walk into one of their stores when visiting a port of call via any popular cruise line.
Diamonds International also owns Tanzanite International and a few other companies throughout the Caribbean.

Diamond International Locations
Diamond International have over 125 shops located in the following locations. Mostly in the Caribbean.

Cabo San Lucas
Costa Maya
Grand Cayman
Grand Turk
Key West
Playa Del Carmen
Puerto Vallarta
San Jose Del Cabo
St. Lucia
St. Kitts
St. Maarten
St. Thomas
Charlotte Amalie
Crown Bay
Sugar Bay

Diamond International Customer Service
You can reach their Customer Service Department by calling 800-515-3935 (customers outside the Unites States call 212-764-6900). They have representatives available Monday through Thursday during office hours and Friday 9am-3pm, Eastern Time. They are closed Saturday and Sunday.
Diamond International Store Products

The product range is extensive covering all types of jewelry and gemstones. On the website you can find the following categories:

Yellow Gold
White Gold
Sterling Silver
Blue Topaz

You can also shop by product on line and, of course, products are on display in the various shops to browse. One should keep in mind that when on vacation as a tourist one is more relaxed and receptive to sales people. Prices in tourist shops are traditionally higher than at home.

Diamond International Payment Options
DI accept the following methods of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Wire Transfer, Diamonds International Credit Card, Diamonds International Gift/Store Certificates, Money Orders, Checks, and PayPal. They do not accept cash or CODs. Purchases over $1,000 made with the Diamonds International Charge Card will be shipped to the billing address. For purchases above $500 being shipped to an alternate address, you will need to fax them the order receipt with your signature.

Store Warranty & Guarantee
Diamonds International offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases. They will offer merchandise credit or refunds on items that are returned undamaged, within 30 days of the shipment date. Should your Diamonds International purchase have a fault or defect, you will need to report it within 30 days of the shipment date in order to take advantage of the money back guarantee. When their Customer Service Department have verified it, it will undergo repairs. However following inspection of the merchandise, Diamonds International may opt to offer a replacement or refund. Of course, any item lost, stolen, or mysteriously disappears while in your possession, is not covered under the Diamonds International guarantee. You should be aware that that items purchased in a store have a different return policy so check that if you are in a Diamond International store.

Diamond International subscribes to the voluntary System of program within the diamond industry that assures that polished diamonds and diamond jewelry are legitimately traded under the United Nations Resolutions and claim their diamonds are all conflict free.

Return and Exchange Policy
Diamond International claim that, in the case that you receive a product that is defective, damaged or incorrect, they will pay the return shipping fees. They will then send the undamaged or correct item to you promptly, with no shipping charges. Note that defective, damaged or incorrect items must be reported to DI within 30 days of the original shipment date to be eligible for return or exchange.

More Information
Here we have three complaints and three testimonials about Diamonds International.


1. On December 28, 2008 I went on a cruise on the Carnival Pride to the Mexican Riviera. This was the first time I had gone away since my retirement in July 2008.

While on the ship I took a gemmology class on how and where to buy diamonds as I had always wanted a precious stone and felt this would afford me the opportunity to go about the purchase in a knowledgeable way. While on the ship, we were told to only buy at the recommended stores in Mexico. The Cruise Line recommended Diamonds International in Cabo San Lucas as the #1 guaranteed place, the safest place to be trusted in diamond purchases.

As mentioned above, I was recently retired and always wanted a special diamond. I went to Diamonds International in Cabo San Lucas, as suggested by the cruise line, and purchased my dream diamond. I was elated and so very happy. The stone was written up by Diamond International’s Appraiser to be the following: Weight 2.66 carats; Color D-E; Clarity SI 2.

I paid $21,800.00 for the pear shaped stone in a platinum setting. I was so excited to buy the diamond, satisfying a life-long dream of mine. This was a huge purchase for me – being single and 66 years old!

When I returned to Los Angeles and was reviewing my receipt, I noticed I had been charged an additional $50.00 that not had been mentioned to me. I thought that if the company charged an additional amount without explanation, I should have the ring appraised here in Los Angeles. I took the ring to a local jeweller - an objective 3rd party – and had it appraised (appraisal # 20002936) by Sandy Horovitz, a graduate gemmologist and certified appraiser. The appraiser’s CP# 3732207. He removed the stone and weighed it in front of me. He gave the following appraisal: Weight 2.60; Clarity 1.1; Color F.

After the appraisal he told me that Diamonds International had over appraised the ring. He said all 3 categories were below the original appraisal. It was appraised at $13,000.00, not $21,800. I was devastated! Shocked! Wondered if it could possibly be a scam!

Immediately, I called Visa and asked them to put this item in dispute. I was informed that they had already paid the bill, but that they would review my case and let me know their decision. They were to send me a form; which they did and I promptly filled out and returned it.

I called Diamonds International based in New York and spoke to Isaac. Asking his last name, he refused to give it to me. Isaac asked me to FAX all appraisal information from the Los Angeles appraiser to him. My bank supervisor did this for me as I do not have a FAX machine and Isaac said he never received the FAX, The bank supervisor gave me proof of FAX showing it was sent and received by Diamonds International in New York.

Since then I have asked Isaac several times for an address where I could send the ring. He gave me no information and has not returned my repeated phone calls.

This has left me feeling inferior as a person – not good enough to know the last name of the person in charge at a supposedly large company. I finally, in my frustration, hired an attorney, as I am no longer able to handle this bizarre situation myself. From my attorney, I was informed that Isaac Klugman may be the man’s name in New York. There is an Isaac Klugman who is the Vice President of the company. I feel this man, Isaac Klugman, is the man responsible for me getting to the point of stress and upset that led me to this legal path. If people like Isaac Klugman were investigated more thoroughly by the Cruise Line or his company perhaps this rip-off may not have happened.

I feel ripped-off by Isaac Klugman and Diamonds International in dealing with him and this whole experience. It has been a nightmare that this man and his large diamond company will not give me credit for my ring, which was a misrepresentation of the original purchase. I feel cheated and taken that my hard earned retirement money went to purchase a quality ring instead - in this ugly situation!

2. Wednesday, June 04, 2008 2:04 PM Carole McLoughlin wrote:
I too, bought jewelry at Tanzanite International (Diamonds International) and was told it was valued at $38-3900. Supposedly I received 40-50% discount. I paid $1,975. I went there because they were recommended by the NCL’s super shopper. When I took it to have it appraised for insurance purposes, it did not appraise even for what I paid for it. I am going around with DI and know they are giving me the run-around. The cruise lines should have an agreement with DI, that they treat people honestly, ethically and with integrity or they will not recommend them.

3. Friday, June 13, 2008 2:00 PM Amy Seagroes wrote:
I too am having the same type of issues with Diamond International. In April 2008, I purchased what I thought was a 5.63 carat Tanzanite that when appraised was 3.1 carat’s. I too am getting the run around from PPI (Carnival 3rd Party) and DI. I can’t believe that they can get away with this with some many people. This is a travesty.

1. My Fiancée purchased a ring on our one year anniversary in high school which I absolutely loved; I even dared to mention to him that when he proposes I want the ring to look exactly like it. One day the ring disappeared from my college dorm and I was devastated, he bought me a similar one but it just wasn’t the same. Fast forward four years and he surprised me with a trip to Puerto Rico and proposed to me under a waterfall. The ring was absolutely beautiful and looked very similar to the one I lost except with larger stones and a much more luxurious appeal. It has been two years and the ring is still is as beautiful and elegant as when I first received it.

2. Our experience with DI has always been excellent. Our first purchase was an engagement ring in December 1998 in Antigua while we enjoyed a Caribbean cruise. We selected the diamond and the band, went on an off shore tour, and then picked up the ring four hours later. How happy and pleased we were. Our next experience was so very enjoyable and easy. In the Spring of 2007, we worked with David Huebsch in NYC, from our home in Fairport NY and designed Janet’s wedding ring. We utilized DI’s 100% guarantee and applied her 1998 engagement ring towards a new and bigger matching engagement ring. We communicated over the phone and via email. David submitted suggestions and recommendations and photos throughout the entire process. After several weeks of picking and choosing we found the perfect rings for us. Then we enjoyed a wonderful weekend in NYC where we met with David at DI. The rings were even more beautiful than we expected. David was a class act as was DI. We still get compliments to this day and will be forever grateful to DI and especially David for making our special day even more special.

3. I only have great praise for this lovely store. My husband Peter bought my 1st diamond ring a few years ago and another bigger rock in November 09. We are always treated so special the staff in all the stores are so welcoming. But I do have a favourite. Hi there Roland, you’re the best. I adore my diamond baguette ring.

Names are not posted for reasons of privacy but are available for both complains and testimonials.

It is highly recommended that when you buy any jewelry and or diamonds from any retail store, that you get an independent appraisal. Do not rely upon the stores appraisal as it is certainly not independent. Recommended is the GIA or EGL or IGI. Also when wishing to return an item always ensure you study the returns policy and follow it exactly.
If you have bought any diamonds or jewelry from diamonds International or any of its subsidiary companies, please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and products including any diamonds International online complaints and special attention or service given by diamonds International online.


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