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James Allen Professional Jewelers **A Preferred Jeweler**

james allen gifRead this write up and find out who James Allen Professional Jewelers are before you buy any diamonds from them. Always do due diligence and find out all about a diamond dealer before you buy diamonds from them.

Who are James Allen Professional Jewelers
James Allen was original founded in 1998 by James Allen Schultz and his wife Michele Sigler, Their corporate office is in central New York at 6 East 45th Street New York City. James Allen has had a better Business rating of A+ since 2000

Their website has been online since August 2004. Their website is very comprehensive and has a number of facilities and feature designed to make the purchase of diamond jewelery as effortless as possible.

James Allen Customer Service
One notable feature about James Allen is that all the diamonds you see featured on the website are real actual diamonds and can be inspected using their remarkable Virtual Loupe feature.

James Allen are contactable from their website on an extended hours service. They are contactable by phone Monday to Friday 9am to midnight and 10 am to 6pm Saturdays and Sundays.

As well as English of course, their website is also available in Chinese, Spanish and Russian.

James Allen, subscribes and is in compliance with the Patriot Act, the Kimberly Process, and various United Nations resolutions, and the diamonds they sell have been obtained using legitimate means and is certified conflict-free.

Every diamond sold carries with it a GIA Report and that report can be viewed on site also with the diamond.

They have a number of useful features such as:

A Virtual Loupe for inspecting diamonds and gemstones on the website closely.
A free ring sizing kit.
A very extensive design your own engagement ring, diamond studs or diamond pendent. This is probably where most people would go as they can sit and design at leisure their own personal diamond jewelery.
A tax and shipping calculator for every country they service.
A very comprehensive Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ).
A 3HDTM Player. Here one can view in a movie of various types of engagement rings and see what they look like from every angle and even on a hand.

Yes. Every finished engagement ring or piece of fine jewelry valued at $1,000 or higher will be accompanied by a full insurance valuation.

James Allen Jewelery Products
James Allen have a very comprehensive jewelery range including:

James Allen Engagement Rings

Hearts & Arrows Collection
Diamond Comparison
Matching Pairs Search

Solitaire Settings
Pave Set Rings
Channel Set Rings
Settings With Sidestones
Three-Stone Rings
Gemstone Settings
Matched Wedding Sets
Danhov Rings

Classic Wedding Rings
Ladies Carved Rings
Ladies Diamond Rings
Ladies Anniversary Rings
Ladies Eternity Rings
Men’s Carved Rings
Men’s Diamond Rings
Alternative Metal Rings

Diamond Jewelry
Solitaire Pendants

Gold Jewelry

And much more including Designer Jewelry such as the Danhov Collection and Leon Popov Butterflies.

Special Feature, Design Your Own Engagement Ring

James Allen has a special feature where you can design your own engagement ring. With this feature you can select from a number of ring types, metals and sizes as well as pick from hundreds of different settings and thousands of different diamonds. You have the option of choosing from their database of diamonds, or picking from diamonds specially-selected by their gemologists.

James Allen Payment Policies
James Allen offer several payment options. Among them are wire transfer, personal check, certified check or money order, as well as all major credit cards. They accept major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard(tm), American Express, and Discover. They also accept all PayPal, Google Checkout,

Many customers purchasing items valued over $1,000 prefer paying by wire transfer and wire transfer orders receive a 1.5% discount from their listed price. Customers paying by wire receive wiring instructions once they have completed the check-out process. James Allen require confirmation from their bank that a wire transfer has been completed before items can be shipped. All international orders, or order in excess of $20,000 can only be paid via bank wire.

James Allen only collects sales tax on orders that are shipped to Maryland and New York.

Shipping provides fast, free shipping on all order destinations within the continental United States, regardless of order amount. In addition to free shipping, James Allen ensure all items are securely packaged and fully insured while in transit.

They will ship diamonds to the U.S., Canada and internationally to a home, business, APO, or nearest FedEx location. They ship to most major countries. A full list is on site.

100% Money back Guarantee

Diamonds and diamond jewelry are very special and important purchases that take time to inspect and consider. Therefore James Allen provides 30 day return period. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return your purchases to their offices within 30 days of the shipment date for a full refund or exchange.

James Allen Upgrade Policies
Naturally, James Allen wants to be your online jeweler for life. For that reason, James Allen makes every effort to ensure the customer’s current and future purchases are fully satisfying.

Lifetime Warranty
James Allen offer a lifetime warranty? On all items they sell. This lifetime warranty on your jewelry covers services like cleaning, polishing, prong tightening and rhodium plating and all available for just a small shipping charge. The lifetime warranty also covers the loss of side diamonds, assuming that the loss was not caused by damage.

Return Policy

Any diamond purchased from James Allen can be exchanged for 100% credit towards a new purchase valued at least 2x the original amount. The diamond being upgraded must be in original condition and accompanied by original laboratory grading document. They can also remodel most rings to accommodate the new diamond for a minimal charge.

There is also a two-year buy back policy. If you need to sell your diamond for any reason, James Allen will buy back your loose diamond for 70% of the original purchase price. The diamond must be in original condition and accompanied by original laboratory grading document.

It should be noted .however, that their buyback program only applies to loose GIA or AGS graded diamonds and does not apply to engagement rings or other fine jewelry.

Last word on James Allen Professional Jeweler

James Allen are a professional jewelers out to capture the consumer market with the best possible customer service and after sales service.

They are certainly recommended as a professional jewelers to use online.

If you have bought any diamonds or jewelry from James Allen please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and products of James Allen regarding any complaints and special attention or service given by James Allen Professional Jewelers online.


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