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Diamond Necklace

Diamond NecklaceThe diamond necklace is one of the most favored of diamond jewelery. Many famous celebrities as well as the wealthy and well heeled have sported a diamond necklace at one function or another. And there have been many famous diamonds in necklaces through the ages including the ‘Hope’ Diamond, the Star of the east and many others. There are many websites devoted to information about famous diamonds.

Diamond necklaces come in all types from the extremely luxurious and ornate and with a value exceeding millions of dollars to the very simple chain with one small diamond costing perhaps under a thousand dollars. One can get real diamonds as well as zirconia and other imitation diamonds. Zirconia is not as hard or as strong as real diamonds and require more care to avoid them shattering. But there is nothing quite like the feel of a glittering diamond sparkling from a lovely female neck.

In design, perhaps the simpler the better but this would depend upon the shape and coloring of the neck of course. Sometimes people add other stones, such as emeralds or rubies, to give that extra color.

Type in ‘diamond necklace’ in any search engine and a host of sites selling diamond necklaces will be presented. Many of them will be well established jewelers, such as Blue Nile, Michael Hill and the like. Many of these have write ups on this website, Price of Diamonds so you can find out about who you are dealing with when you buy diamonds from these established jewelers.

There are other jewelers who sell diamond necklaces and, as in any buying situation, it is a good idea to ensure you know with whom you are dealing.
Here are some pointers to help you in your quest to buy a diamond necklace.

1. Establish what you want and how much you can afford. What price of diamond necklace can you afford or want to pay. Include number and type of diamonds. Size weight cut, color and clarity.

2. If you can find what you want at a jeweler you can visit personally all the better. If not check online but still stick to the established jewelers, and keep away from the ‘discount’ dealers.

3. Ensure you can contact the dealer, i.e. phone call and a postal address, not just a contact page with no contact details. These are the sites to avoid.

4. Does dealer have a replacement or returns policy? Important if the diamond necklace is not to your liking when you see it ‘in the flesh’ so to speak.
5. Get an independent certificate from GIA or EGL. Do not just accept a certificate from the dealer.
6. Have the diamond necklace valued independently.
7. Get it insured for replacement value.
8. Use the diamond buying checklist when you go searching for a diamond.

This will help to ensure that when you go diamond necklace hunting you can get the best possible diamond necklace for the price. Do not be afraid to ask lots of questions when with a diamond seller. After all you are the customer and you are the one that is paying!

Some more information from diamond sellers is available at Diamond Necklace


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