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Get a Diamond Price on your iPhone

Get a Diamond Price on your iPhoneYou can now get a diamond price from your iPhone. Diamond dealers these days use the Rapaport Price List constantly during the day and is an essential tool for diamond dealers all around the world. Now, with the advent of new software for the iPhone diamond dealers can simply switch on their iPhone and get a price for a diamond anytime of the day or night wherever they are in the world.

Roei Kashi, son of diamantaire Moti Kashi is a software engineer and a Stanford University graduate with a double major in Economics and Industrial Engineering. A close association with the diamond industry since his childhood brought to his attention the need for a on the spot access to the price of diamonds for a diamond dealer. So he developed some new software compatible with Apple’s iPhone that enabled quick and easy access to the Rapaport Price List.

Using this software one can download the most updated information from the RapNet website on condition, of course, that you are a member. If you have not yet subscribed to RapNet it is possible to do so through

This device offers all the usual filtering criteria of all of the accepted options such as color, clarity, shape and weight, which contribute to the price calculation of a carat and the whole diamond.

The iDiamonds software, as it is called, can be purchased at Appleā€™s online store by conducting a search using the word iDiamonds. You can also purchase the software through your iPhone by going into its software store and entering the word iDiamonds.

To visit the software’s website:


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