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Buy Designer Engagement Rings

Buy Designer Engagement RingsYou can buy designer engagement rings online as well as from a good quality local jewelers.

An engagement ring is traditionally worn by the woman although this is starting to change and men also wear engagement rings. In most of the western world the engagement ring is worn on the hand ring finger but in some parts of Europe it is actually worn on the right hand instead. But the fourth finger of the left hand has been traditionally considered as containing, in Latin, the ‘vena amoris’ or vein of love.

Designer engagement rings are simply where a designer, it could even be yourself, designs an engagement ring rather that you buy one off the shelf, as it were. Most of the engagement rings you see in the jewelery chain stores and even small jewelers are mass produced and there are millions of them all the same with the same sized requisite diamond, and gold or platinum ring.

A designer engagement ring, however, is unique in that it is usually a limited design, there are very few of them, or there is only one design especially made.

Designer diamond engagement rings can be designed from a limited selection of choices from a jeweler also, such as set ring designs, set sizes and qualities of diamond. These are not so exclusive as the choice is usually limited to a specific number of combinations and with the thousands sold, likely that someone else will have the same or similar design as you.

One of the easiest ways to buy designer engagement rings is online. Here you can select something that it is unlikely anyone else in your area or are likely to meet will have and you can sit at home and browse the selections available with no salesperson peering over your shoulder egging you on. The disadvantage is that you cannot see exactly what you are getting, only a picture online and that can vary with the monitor and other factors. A designer engagement ring is more difficult to return if unsatisfied as unlikely to be able to be sold to another, unlike a mass produced ring. So you have to be very sure about your choice of design before you buy.

Just how exclusive you want your designer engagement ring or rings will depend on what you can afford. If the sky is the limit, then you will be able to afford a professional jewelery designer to design an engagement ring especially for you in the knowledge that no one else will have the same design.
But for the most part, to buy designer engagement rings is a fun activity not just determined by your budget but by your investment into your future with your partner.

James Allen offer an excellent design your own engagement ring service and is well worth a visit.


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