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The Ultimate Cheapest Diamond Buying Guide

The Ultimate Cheapest Diamond Buying GuideTo have the ultimate cheapest diamond buying guide is an excellent asset, so here are some useful pointers to buying that ultimate cheapest diamond.
It is very true that you get what you pay for so before you start it is very important that you know what you want in a diamond.

What is the diamond for? Is it for an engagement ring or just a ring to wear, or perhaps you want a diamonds for a pendant, or for some earrings. Next is what sort of diamond would you like? The cuts or shapes of diamonds fall into the following categories:

Round Brilliant
Emerald Cut
Princess Cut
Heart Cut
Oval Cut
Marquise Cut
Pear Cut
Round Brilliant

The Princess cut and Emerald cut are perhaps the most popular. The next aspect to look at is the size. Diamonds can range from just a few hundred dollars for a 1 carat diamond to many thousands. This is dependent also on the quality of the diamond. This is found by the Clarity.

Clarity is the word used to indicate the purity of a diamond. Most diamonds have tiny imperfections in them, and the clarity is method used to grading the purity on the basis of how many imperfections it has. Almost all diamonds have some imperfections, often called inclusions. Rarely does a diamond have no imperfections.

The color of a diamond is important too and can have a bearing on the price of a diamond.

When you work out your budget it is a good idea to buy the best diamond you can for your budget. Actually not going for the cheapest means you will not be lumbered with a poor quality diamond worth very little. To go for the very cheapest diamond is really a false economy. The cheapest diamond is a good quality diamond for a reasonable price.

Knowing what you can spend, and what sort of diamond you want the next step is to do some research and ferret out that very stone you want.
Most diamonds are sold by retail and with a heavy mark up. This particularly applies to department stores. The true cost of diamonds is considerably less than the retail value so locating a diamond wholesaler is also a good option to pursue. Checking diamond jewellers on the net is also a good start, there are plenty of them and you can see what sort of selection is available and if any meet your criteria. If so then you can start negotiating with them to buy at the best possible price. Auctions, both internet and ones you visit, can also be a fruitful way of finding that diamond you are looking for.

Of course loose diamonds are cheaper than ones that have been set. You do not have to pay for a setting and also you can see what the diamond is like without any potential flaws hidden by the setting.

When it comes to the price of diamonds it is vital to know the value of your diamond. All diamonds should come with a certificate of appraisal. So it is important that you ask for one when you come to buy a diamond. Not only for insurance purposes but also to ensure you know the value of your diamond and that you have not paid too much for a ‘cheap’ diamond.

The ultimate cheapest diamond buying guide is not a list of dealers that sell cheap diamonds that have little if any value but is knowing how and where to buy diamonds for their true value.


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