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Best Designer Engagement Rings

Best Designer Engagement RingsThe best designer engagement rings are usually found in the best quality jewelery stores, not in the discount stores or the jewelery chain stores in the malls and shopping centers.

Designer engagement rings will cost more than “off the shelf” type which are made by the thousand in factories in Asia.

To create a designer engagement ring firstly the client needs to be consulted as to what they would like to have by way of the diamond or diamonds, the type of setting and the ring itself must be decided upon. Ideally the diamond engagement ring would be a one off so some thought should go into the design of the ring. Perhaps both parties should look at this and work out what they like. Particularly the lady who is going to wear the diamond ring after all.

With a quality designer engagement ring one needs to look at how many diamonds will be in the ring. Will it be a center diamond surrounded by a number of smaller diamonds in a particular setting, or just the one, perhaps larger, diamond in a claw or prong setting by itself.

What cut of diamond would be preferred? The princess cut is probably the most popular but the square cut is now coming into vogue also. Look at a selection of cuts and see which appeals the most. The size, carat weight, color and clarify will have a big bearing on the final presentation but of course will be governed by the budget. If the sky is the limit then the biggest best rock you can find will be the ticket. A good guideline is about 2 to 3 months salary for the diamond itself. The setting and the ring are usually a nominal cost.

Talking about the ring, there is usually a choice between gold, white gold, or platinum. Platinum is the most hard wearing and, of course an engagement ring is for life right? But 18 or 22 carat gold can also display very well with the right diamond and setting.

The best designer engagement ring usually boils down to personal taste and what one can afford. Paying at the top limit of your budget for the best you can get, rather than a cheaper designer engagement ring, is the way to go.

And there will be more satisfaction from getting the best designer engagement ring you can for the one you love.

James Allen offer excellent designer engagement rings and is well worth a visit.


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