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Diamond Price Comparison

When it comes to the price of diamonds a diamond price comparison is very important. This includes knowing something about diamonds so that you know what to compare between diamonds.

Price of Diamonds does not sell diamonds but simply provides information and education about diamonds and much of the information on this website provides that education and information.

You need to have an overview of diamond terminology, the “4 C’s”, shapes of diamonds and how to understand reports on diamonds.
Of course, you may be thinking, “I can buy diamonds a LOT cheaper at the local mall store. They’re always having 50% off sales.” Quite possibly but what sort of diamonds are you buying.

Diamonds range from the rough type used in industry, of no value when it comes to jewelry at all, to the high end perfect diamonds worth many thousands per carat.

Plus all the grades in between including those inferior “cut price” diamonds sold at in the mall.

But what these diamonds generally do not have is an AGS or GIA Certificate. And without that it means you have no idea what your buying.

If you consider quality an important factor in buying diamonds you will need some understanding of what constitutes quality in a diamond.
The price of diamonds depends very much on the “4 Cs”. Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat.

There is much information about each of those here on the site but if you ask a mall store person about the “4 Cs”, the answer is very likely to come in the form of a blank stare.

So, as you do not want to make such an important purchase from someone who knows less about diamonds than you do it is important that you have enough information to do a diamond price comparison.

A helpful tool are the Diamond Price Comparison Charts. These list the type of diamonds by weight and give a rough idea of the price of diamonds for sample color, clarity cut and shape.

You will notice that, when it comes to a diamonds price, the higher the quality, the higher the carat, the more per carat the diamond is worth. This is because such diamonds are exceedingly rare.

The smaller and inferior quality diamonds are NOT rare however and these compose or make up the majority diamonds on the market.
These are what you find in the cheaper stores as “discount’ diamonds. Of course there is no such thing as a discount diamond.
The only discount you will find with these diamonds is the quality.

So, remember the old but true adage, “you get what you pay for”, and if you pay cheap you will get cheap, but if you really understand diamonds and understand quality you will get the best diamonds you could ever wish for.

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Diamond Price Comparison Charts

Diamond Price Comparison Chart 1

Diamond Price Comparison Chart 2

Diamond Price Comparison Chart 3


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