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Michael Hill International

Michael HillRead this write up and find out who Michael Hill Jewelers really are before you buy any diamonds from them.
Always do due diligence and find out all about a diamond dealer before you pay their diamond price and buy any diamonds from them.

Who are Michael Hill International
Michael Hill is Chairman and Managing Director of one of New Zealand’s most successful retail companies - Michael Hill Jeweller. The Company grew rapidly from inception, expanding to 10 stores by 1987 and currently there are now over 1000 shops with more to come following the recent acquisition of some of the Whitehall Jewellers Holdings following their Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Michael Hill believes a significant part of the company’s success comes from their philosophy of ‘controlled profitable growth’. “By sticking to the basics the whole organisation is concentrating on the same goal; everyone is aiming at the bullseye!” Michael Hill is a successful and accomplished speaker who is an expert in all aspects of retailing, staff selection and training, presentation, marketing, motivation, success, self improvement, business troubleshooting, how to double your income …… the Michael Hill success story.

In 1987 Michael Hill International was listed on the New Zealand stock exchange and also expanded into Australia, opening the first store in August, in the Brisbane suburb of Indooroopilly.

Today the group employs over 1,760 full and part time staff in retailing, manufacturing and administration. It has approximately 3,000 shareholders and remains the most profitable publicly listed jeweller in Australia/New Zealand.

They have three domain names, created in December 1998, one for each of Australian, Canada and New Zealand but all resolving to

Michael hill currently has outlets in the following:

British Columbia


New Zealand
Mt. Maunganui

Among other places including soon to be Chicago US. More outlets are also scheduled to be opened in these countries.

Michael Hill Products
Michael Hill Jeweler has a 5 Year Diamond Guarantee on their quality and craftsmanship and other jewelry offered has a 12 Month Jewellery Guarantee

You can exchange or refund within 30 days of purchase if you are unhappy with your purchase. Simply take the jewellery, along with your sales receipt to any Michael Hill Jeweler store.

Hire Purchase is also available with up to 36 months to pay and interest free periods are available also.
Layby is also offered (Layby is where one simply pays the store regular amounts and when the item is paid off one can collect the item. The store keeps the item until the full purchase price is paid). A 20 percent deposit is required for this service.

Michael hill Jewelery Gift Vouchers are also available and cash and credit cards are accepted for all payments.

A Jewellery Repair Service is available including cleaning, inspections and repairs. Repairs are guaranteed for 12 months.

Michael Hill Jewelery can also arrange for an independent valuation to certify any jewellery items you may wish to value.

You can view and download the Michael Hill Catalogue online but Michael Hill do not sell online at this time.

Last Word on Michael Hill
Michael hill is a medium to high end Jewelery with an innovative approach that has enabled them to expand and grow despite a slow diamond market.

If you have bought any diamonds or jewelry from, please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and products of, complaints and special attention or service given by online.


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