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Sell My Diamonds

Sell My DiamondsRead this write up and find out who Sell My Diamonds really are before you sell your any diamonds or gold to them. It may affect the diamond price you get from them.

It is always a wise move to do some due diligence on a diamond dealer before you sell your diamonds to them.

Who are Sell My Diamonds and domain names both resolve to which is website of Joden World Resources.

Joden World Resources was Established in 1970 and is a family owned operation. They are based in Grove City, Pasadena, USA and are open Mon.-Thurs. 9-5, Fri. 9-8 and Sat. 9-5. The current president is one Joe Murawski.

Joden World Resources II is listed as a wholesale trading company in the United States and for select European markets. It is also al member of the Jewelers Board of Trade and the Diamond Appraisers Guild and the Diamond Dealers Club of New York City.

The staff members collectively have over 220 years experience in the jewelry and Diamond business and include GIA Graduate Gemologists.

The websites are listed by the Wayback machine at, as being online from October 1999 and the Joden World Resources has been in business for over 38 years at the same location.

What Does Sell My Diamonds Buy

Sell My Diamonds are open to buy any of the following subject to appraisal and inspection of course.

Certified diamonds
Natural, colored diamonds; yellow, pink, blue, red
Period and Antique Jewelry
Georgian Period: 1714-1830
Victorian Period: 1837-1900
Arts and Crafts Movement: 1894-1923
Art Nouveau Period: 1890-1915
Edwardian Period: 1901-1910
Art Deco Period: 1920-1935
Retro Period: 1935-1949
Estate and Modern: 1950-Present
Gold Chains
Antique Gold Jewelry
Gold Bracelets
Gold Earrings
Gold Rings
Gold Necklaces
White Gold Rings
White Gold Pendants
Yellow Gold items of every sort.
Platinum Rings
Platinum Jewelry
Color stones; sapphire, emerald, ruby.
Rare colored stones; natural alexandrite, chrysoberyl cats eye
Patek Philippe
Van Cleef and Arpels
Estate Jewelry
Antique Jewelry
Tiffany and Company

Sell My Diamonds Price Quoting

To sell to Sell My Diamonds, you can enter the details about the items you have to sell in their form online to get a preliminary estimate of the value of your item. You can call their President by phone also and discuss what you want to sell. You can send your item in for appraisal also and get a quote from them.

Sell My Diamonds bid on and buy estate jewelry and estate collections of any size and value. They also offer pre-packaged shipping boxes and items can be shipped to either, their attorney, bank or directly to Sell My Diamonds. Usually within one day of receipt (and it is recommended that registered postage and contents insured is used) of the package, Sell My Diamonds will either make a cash offer or ship the items back, fully insured. If the offer is accepted they will immediately send a check. If not the items are simply shipped back.
They also have agents in many of the major cities who are able to review estate lots in person.

How Much and When does Sell My Diamonds Pay
Sell My Diamonds state, “We are fully insured and have certified gemologists on staff. We promise to appraise your items for their current fair market value. Our customers are often pleasantly surprised by the higher price of our bids when compared to other offers. We want you to become a regular customer. We make offers for your item on the price we would pay another dealer. We will also give you the appraisal value based upon what it would cost you to replace the item at retail.”

One should bear in mind that when selling jewelry, particularly diamonds, it is rare to get the full retail value unless there is something particularly interesting or striking about the diamonds. Bear in mind that one of the purposes of the “Diamonds are Forever” campaign by De Beers, was to reduce the secondary market in diamonds. Hence the price you get on the second hand market is substantially less than for a new diamond. More information on selling diamonds is available at How to Sell Diamonds and How Do I Best Sell My Vintage Diamonds.

The last Word on Sell My Diamonds
As was stated selling diamonds, jewelry or any similar item is not going to net you the original price of the item. The mark up or premium on jewelry and diamonds is a good 30 to 50 percent depending so this should be kept in mind. The advantage with a company such as Sell my Diamonds, is that they are quick and honest and give a fair price for the industry comparatively speaking.

If you have sold any diamonds or jewelry to, please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service of including any complaints and special attention or service given by online.


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