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Diamonds 2 Cash

Diamonds 2 CashRead this write up and find out who Diamonds 2 Cash really are before you sell your any diamonds to them. It may affect the diamond price you get from them.

Always do due diligence and find out all about a diamond dealer before you sell your diamonds to them.

Who are Diamonds 2 Cash is operated by Gunsuka Diamonds. The company is based out of Millersville, Maryland. They also operate buying operations in Japan, India, and South Africa. The owner is one Robert Gunther.

After forming in 1998 they have dealt exclusively at the wholesale trade level, both buying and selling loose diamonds. In 2002 they expanded their operation to include transactions with other dealers via the internet.

In 2006, was launched, to purchase diamonds directly from the public.

This website is operated by Gunsuka, LLC. doing business as Diamonds2cash, their address is Millersville, MD 21108-1363 and their office hours are 9am - 5pm (eastern time).

Diamonds 2 Cash will not issue diamond quotes via telephone, and you will have to use their diamond price quote to get an estimated value for your diamond.

Diamonds 2 Cash advise not to send diamonds or any jewelry to the above address. Diamond inspections are performed by independent gemological laboratories

What does Diamonds 2 Cash Buy
Diamond 2 Cash will not buy not diamonds that:

Have been clarity enhanced (CE)
Laser drilled
Artificially color treated
Are of SI3, I1, I2 or I3 clarity
Contain black eye visible inclusions

They will buy diamonds that have a certificate from one of the independent laboratories as outlined below. Also they will buy gold, silver, platinum as part of the setting if the diamonds are in jewelry such as rings for example

Diamond 2 Cash are currently looking to purchase diamonds that are at least 0.75 ct (3/4 carat) in weight or larger. If you have a ring with multiple diamonds, at least one of the diamonds must be 0.75 ct or larger.

Diamonds 2 Cash Diamond Price Quote
The quote process is very simple but is really dependent on you having a proper appraisal from an independent laboratory. It is strongly advised you get this for your diamond prior to getting any quotes from diamond buyers. Especially if you want the best diamond price.
You would simply enter this information in their quote process form on site and they will then give you what is called a blind offer for your diamond. Should you accept, they will then provide the details to you on how to get your cash payment.

They will ask you about the certificate you have. It should ideally be one of the following:

AGS Certificate
EGL Certificate
GIA Certificate
HRD Certificate
IGI Certificate
PGS Certificate

How Much & When Does Diamonds 2 Cash Pay

Diamond 2 Cash will pay with a day the offer accepted by the seller of the diamonds.

Their standard payment method is via a certified bank draft, and is delivered anywhere in the US via first class mail but for sellers who need the cash fast, they also offer payment via direct bank transfer which will place the cash in your account in just a few hours.

Express payment by bank transfer in amounts of $3000 and over are free, however your bank may charge you an incoming wire transfer fee.

Diamond 2 Cash’s standard payment method (certified bank draft) is free.

It should be noted in their terms and conditions:

“THE BUYER’S liability is and shall be expressly and specifically limited to the least of the following sums:
1. The liquidation value placed on the item in THE BUYER’S sole discretion;
2. One third (1/3) of the appraised value of the item according to an appraisal submitted by the customer to THE BUYER, which appraisal was issued prior to the shipment of the item to THE BUYER; and,
3. The sum of Five Thousand ($5,000.00) Dollars.
The customer expressly acknowledges and agrees that if there is no appraisal which was issued prior to the item being submitted to THE BUYER, THE BUYER’s liquidated value shall be conclusive and binding, and further, that in no event shall THE BUYER’s liability exceed the sum of Five Thousand ($5,000.00) Dollars.”

Last Word on Diamonds 2 Cash
Diamond 2 Cash are also quote to point out that one never ever gets the appraised or replacement insurance value for diamonds when you are selling them. In fact if you read, how-to-sell-diamonds you will find that when it comes to the price of diamonds, one can really expect only about 25% of the retail value of any diamonds sold. The above article gives some guidance as to the best places to sell diamonds also.

If you have sold any diamonds or jewelry to, please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service of including any complaints and special attention or service given by online.


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