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A Diamond is Forever

A Diamond is Forever

Find out who really is from this write up and what they do.


Also it is worth noting that if you want to buy diamonds from any diamond dealer then one should study up on diamonds, the diamond price and do plenty of due diligence before you buy diamonds.


Who are A Diamond is Forever

The website, is the site of the Diamond Trading Company (DTC). The Diamond Trading Company is a subsidiary of and the marketing arm of the famous De Beers SA Diamond Company, owned by the Oppenheimer family and Anglo American.  De Beers supplies around half of the rough diamonds from its mines in Botswana, Namibia, South America and Tanzania. 


The Chairman  of the Diamond Trading Company, is Nicholas F. (Nicky) Oppenheimer, the Managing Director , Varda Shine and the   Executive Director for Finance and Administration  is Mike Page


The Diamond Trading Company is located in 17 Charterhouse St. London.  Its “Diamond is Forever Program” is an advertising campaign launched and promoted by the Diamond Trading company.


Diamond Trading Company Description

The Diamond Trading Company Ltd (DTC) is the sales and marketing jewel of diamond-mining giant De Beers SA. De Beers sort, value and cut around 40% by value of all the rough diamonds in the world through their offices in London, Kimberley in South Africa as well as their joint government operations in Botswana and Namibia. After sorting and valuing the diamonds, the company sells the gems to clients, referred to in the trade as sightholders. On the marketing side, the DTC promotes diamonds to consumers through such programs as the well-known “A Diamond Is Forever” advertising campaign and FOREVERMARK inscription. The FOREVERMARK inscription, is a symbol and unique identification number, and is placed on the table facet of the diamond using some highly advanced proprietary technology. It is 1/20th of a micron deep, equal to approximately 1/500th of the thickness of a human hair. It is invisible to the naked eye but can be seen with a special viewer at FOREVERMARK retailers.

According to the website, “The technology used for inscribing the FOREVERMARK symbol and unique identification number is unique and proprietary to the De Beers Group. It allows for fast and accurate inscribing on the table of the polished diamond.”

The FOREVERMARK Viewer makes use of special illumination and magnification techniques, providing two views of the stone and the FOREVERMARK inscription without revealing its internal characteristics.

Each diamond with the FOREVERMARK has a Certificate of Authenticity which provides an assurance that the diamond is genuine, natural and has not been altered or treated by any artificial means. This Certificate also authenticates that the De Beers stone was mined, cut and polished in an ethically, socially and environmentally responsible way.

The FOREVERMARK Certificate of Authenticity includes details of carat weight, shape, date of inscription, the unique individual identification number as well as an actual image of the microscopic inscription on the diamond.

The FOREVERMARK is also registered as a private company incorporated in England and Wales. The website is


Last Word on A Diamond is Forever

The website is primarily designed to position diamonds as timeless and everlasting. Also that diamonds are valuable and the right thing to buy or have for a woman. De Beers are continuing cultivating diamonds as being the


De Beers also now have many stores opening up around the world.  They already have many in Japan, China and the rest of Asia.  Now starting to open up many stores in the US and the UK and eventually will cover the world with their own stores, thus improving their revenue and decreasing their costs moving stones from mine to customer.


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