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Crown Jewelers

Crown JewelersBefore you buy diamonds and jewelry from, it is a good idea to read this write up and find out all about the Crown Jewelers beforehand so that you know who you are really dealing with.

Naturally, when buying any jewelry or diamonds, it is always a good idea to do your own due diligence before buying from any diamond dealer or jeweler online regardless of who they are.

Who Are Crown Jewelers
Crown Jewelers Inc. Are based in Fort Worth, Texas. They have been online since at least  April 2001.  There is virtually no information on Crown Jewelers and it is hard to find out exactly who they are. This is where practicing due diligence becomes important.

Crown Jewelers Customer Service
The only information about their customer service I could find is some complaints about their tardiness in response to queries and complaints about the quality of some of their products and that they will offer credit but this credit will turn out to be expensive. Example:

Testimonials on their website from customers are all about how it was easy to get credit and improve their credit rating.  Nothing about the products or the quality of the jewellery or diamonds.

Crown Jewelers Products
Products they offer include a wide range of jewelry and diamonds. The price of their diamonds is relatively cheap so you would be wise, if buying, to have the jewelry inspected as soon as it arrives to ensure it is as advertised.

Anniversary Bands
Bridal Sets
Engagement Rings
Men’s Rings
Ring Wrap
Solitaire Rings
Trio Sets
Wedding Bands
Fashion Rings
Gemstone Rings
Silver Rings
Classic Bands

Diamond Bracelets
Gemstone Bracelets
Gold Bracelets
Men’s Bracelets
Silver Bracelets

Diamond Earrings
Gemstone Earrings
Gold Earrings
Silver Earrings

16″ Length
18″ Length
20″ Length
24″ Length
30″ Length
Silver Necklaces
Diamond Pendants
Gemstone Pendants
Gold Pendants
Silver Pendants

Men Fossil
Women Fossil

Crown Jewelers Shipping
Crown Jewelers do not guarantee the availability of every item when ordered so shipping can be anywhere from 2 days onwards.
It seems the preferred option by for payment is their own credit card for which one has to apply. Then there are various conditions and costs involved, substantial late payment fees etc. For this one has to sign up for an account and  get a card and ones details are then registered with various credit agencies. Any slight default or perceived slight default can result in one’s credit history being tainted.

You can make payments by PayPal also by mail with a money order, cashier’s check or personal check as well as Credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

For a 1/2 Carat Total Weight Diamond Heart Bracelet 14 karat Diamond Clarity I1-I2 color I-j the price was 799US dollars plus 14 dollars shipping.  The shipping was rather expensive for the item.

Just as a test I placed in the shipping cart 20 1 carat diamond rings at 995 each.  Plus the above item came to a total of 20,6099 US dollars.  Interestingly the shipping came to a massive $134.35 US Dollars.

Crown Jewelers Fees and Charges
Crown Jewelers have a number of fees and charges which one should be aware of. These are quite expensive and more and many top ranking jewelers have. It should also be noted that Finance Charges can be compounded.

Here is a list of the fees and charges from their website:

A. RETURNED PAYMENT- If any payment is returned to us unpaid, we will charge the Account $25.00.
B. LATE PAYMENT- If we do not receive the minimum periodic payment by the due date shown on your periodic billing statement, we will charge Account $25.00.
C. MINIMUM FINANCE CHARGE- Minimum finance charge in any billing cycle is $1.00.
D. UPDATE FEE- If we agree to update the Account from a delinquent status to a current status, we will charge the Account $5.00.
E. DOCUMENT FEE- If a copy of any statement, sales draft or similar document is provided by us at your request (except in connection with the billing error inquires or resolution), we will charge the Account the following fee(s):
(I) Statement Copy- $6.00
(II) Sales/Credit Draft Copy -$6.00
(III) Research Fee- $15.00 per hour (only applicable if extensive research is required)
F. PAYMENTS USING A CREDIT CARD. If you choose to make your payment(s) on your account using a credit card we accept, you will be charged an additional $2.00 or 5% of the payment amount whichever is more.
G. CONSUMER CREDIT COUNSELING SERVICE- If you participate in scheduling the Account through Consumer Credit Counseling Service, we will charge the Account the fees that we are charged by the Consumer Credit Counseling Service.

And alarmingly:

H. MISCELLANEOUS CHARGES You agree to pay any other charges incident to the application for and the opening, administration , and termination of the Account , including, but not limited to , taxes, charges or fees and any penalties or interest thereon, imposed on this Agreement or on any transaction effected/conducted/made pursuant to this Agreement. We may advance any such tax charge or fee and any penalties or interest thereon for you and add said amount to the Account balance.
Which, of course, could be anything.  The sky is the limit!
It is well worth reading the Online Account Holder Agreement and Disclosure Statement before you embark on any contract with Crown Jewelers.

Crown Jewelers Returns Policy
We could locate no returns policy on site.

Crown Jewelers Guarantee
Their 30 day money back guarantee says nothing about any money back, only that the site is secure and they can guarantee you a better credit rating.

On their website it clearly states at the top of the website, “No Credit Check”, yet in their conditions it states:

18. CREDIT INVESTIGATION: states: “You authorize us at any time to make whatever credit investigation we feel is proper to evaluate your credit, financial standing and employment, and you authorize us to exchange your credit experience with credit bureaus and other creditors we reasonably believe are doing business with you. You authorize your employer (past, present or future) and other references to release and/or verify information to us at any time. You also agree to furnish us with financial statement we may request at any time and in such detail as we may require.”

And also states on their site when you apply for a credit, that: “Crown Jewelers and others on behalf of Crown Jewelers are authorized to verify any other information one has submitted to them, and check my credit and employment history”.

Last Word on Crown Jewelers
On their website they state:

“If you have bad credit and are looking for a way to improve your credit score without having any credit approvals, please complete the following online application form to apply for your Crown Jeweler’s Credit Card. When applying for one of our bad credit credit cards, all fields are required unless otherwise noted. We provide instant online approvals. When you make regular payments, our positive credit bureau reporting will help you raise your score in no time! “

Which really gives the impression they are not there to sell good quality jewelry and diamonds so much as to take advantage of low credit risk customer.

If you have bought any diamonds or jewelry from, please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and products of crownjewelers complaints and special attention or service given by online.


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