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Union Diamond

Union DiamondAlthough Union Diamond are one of the most well known diamond dealers in the US it is a good ideal to find out more about them by reading this review before you buy diamonds from

Who are Union Diamond
The Union Diamond Corporation was started in September 2001 by Scott Anderson, CEO and Tony Rixom, COO of Union Diamond. Union Diamond used to be a wholesale operation selling loose diamonds to jewelry stores and other dealers. However they have extended their operation to sell direct to consumers.

Union Diamond Corporation now sells wholesale and retail loose diamonds, pre-made and custom-made jewelry, and watches online and through their showroom in Atlanta, Georgia. All their products are distributed from one location. Their customer service includes education by live diamond experts offering telephone consultations. including advice from diamond industry veterans president and CEO Scott Anderson and COO Tony Rixom.

This is a smaller but growing operation that gives excellent, personal service and great prices.

Union Diamond Customer Service
According to reports and feedback from past clients, the customer service of is nothing short of superb. The consultants are very knowledgeable about diamonds and also very patient and helpful. Something often missing when a person asks many inane or ignorant questions by phone. After you have called they call back right away. They email in minutes. They go into any level of detail needed to satisfy your query. They will even fax you a cert, or a Sarin report, or any photo of a setting. Pretty much anything you want virtually instantly.

In various follow up tests, every staff member amazingly showed an excellent level of knowledge and patience.

Union Diamond Products
Union Diamond have access to an extremely wide and diverse range of products, partially because they are really wholesales originally and evidently have retained all the contacts that wholesales would have. You can ask for what you want, and if they do not already have it in stock, they will be able to get it for you in a day or so.

This includes all the cuts, sizes, grades, unusual shapes even as well as extra fine qualities for the discerning buyer. They have a very simple and easy to use search engine. It is also very fast and orderly and very clear.

Usually a diamond grading report accompanies any of the loose diamonds. The most common will be a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or an American Gem Society (AGS) report. These laboratories are recognized world over and are totally independent of Union Diamond.

The price of diamonds at Union Diamond are very competitive. The margin on the diamond price is small and they offer some of the cheapest I have seen around.

Union Diamond Payment Options
Union Diamond accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. All orders paid for by credit card pay the stated price. Union Diamond Corporation state, “All credit card orders must be shipped to the billing address. We are happy to send your order to a work or alternate shipping address but that address must be placed on file your credit card company. All packages must have an adult signatory for release.”

However, paying by bank wire will give the customer a 3 percent discount from the regular stated price. On a big ticket item, this is a worthwhile saving. But you have to make your choice in the beginning. You cannot change midstream to get the discount. This is likely because the merchant incurs fees for credit card use. Bank wires are cheaper for the merchant so they can offer the discount.

Returns Policy of Union Diamond
The Union Diamond Corporation (”Union Diamond”) offers a Thirty (30) day return guarantee. As most dealers only offer 7 days this is quite generous. This does not apply to custom order however. Whereas a standard order item can be resold, custom made products are understandably much more difficult to sell.

Union Diamond state, ” In the event that a customer decides to exchange an item, the exchange must be made within the 30 day return and exchange period from the date of shipment. The exchange of an item does not extend the original return and exchange policy and the customer should be fully aware that any such right to return or exchange any item under our 30 day return policy will expire after the 30th day of the date of the original shipment.”

Full details of the return policy is on the website.

Union Diamond Warranties
Union Diamond also warrants that all merchandise will be free of workmanship and manufacturing defects. They also suggest that you contact your insurance professional and have the item fully insured.

More Information on Union Diamond
Union Diamond is located in Atlanta, Georgia 30339, USA and is required to collect sales tax for items purchased and delivered within the State of Georgia. They do not collect any sales tax for items that are shipped anywhere else within the USA so if any sales or use tax is due in your state, it will be your responsibility to contact the state in question and inquire about any possible tax liabilities.

The Union Diamond Corporation also advise that all the diamonds advertised on their site have been supplied from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations Resolutions. Union Diamond Corporation state they guarantee that their diamonds are conflict free, based on personal knowledge and/or written and verbal guarantees provided by any supplier of these diamonds.

If you have bought any diamonds, diamond jewelry or other products from, please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and products including any online complaints and special attention or service given by online.


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