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Helzberg Diamonds

helzbergBefore you buy diamonds and jewelry from a Helzberg Diamond Dealer, it is a good idea to read this write up and find out who and what Helzberg actually are and how safe they are.

It is always a good idea to do your own due diligence before buying from any diamond dealer or jeweler online.

Who are Helzberg
With 270 stores nationwide, Helzberg is currently owned by the Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. group.

Helzberg Diamonds was founded in 1915 by Morris Helzberg and remained in his family for 80 years until it was acquired by investment guru Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway in 1995.

During the 1990s. Helzberg opened more than 45 in the 1990s. The company sells a wide selection of diamonds and precious gems — mostly set into rings, but also set into other jewelry; Helzberg Diamonds also sells men’s and women’s watches. One of the larger national jewelry chains, the company operates more than 260 stores nationwide and offers a 60-day return or exchange option and free jewelry repairs for 12 months after purchase. Helzberg had sales for fiscal year ending December, 2007 were $479.7M.

Helzberg are based in North Kansas City, MO and the CEO and Chairman is H. Marvin Beasley, and Joyce Hrinya is the Director in charge of Marketing and Customer Satisfaction:

Helzberg Customer Service
Helzberg encourage their customers to call in person at any store as well as phone on the generic number Customer Service at 1-800-606-279.Monday-Friday 8 am to 5 pm CST. Or you can send an email by going to the contact page on the website

You can order online by creating an account. One can also order without creating an account and ordering as a guest, but you cannot track your order this way.

Helzberg state on their website: “At Helzberg Diamonds, we know our customers come to us for their most important and heartfelt purchases. That’s why your personal satisfaction is, and always will be, our number one priority. We stand behind your purchase because we believe in the quality of Helzberg Diamonds jewelry, and we want to maintain a long, happy relationship with everyone who shops here.”

Helzberg Products
Helzberg have a very extensive rang of diamond products.

All products are clearly shown with good quality pictures and diamond, jewelery and watch prices clearly marked. Diamond information as regards, carats, cut, clarity and color are listed. The gold or other precious metal info ration is also provided. Also all diamonds are graded (a grading report is supplied) as well as reviews by prior customers who have bought the product.

Here is a generic list of what you can expect on the site.

Engagement Rings
Wedding Bands
Bridal Mountings
Anniversary Bands
Solitaire Enhancers
Men’s Diamond Bands
Promise Rings
Colored Gems
Watches & Accessories

Also Helzberg have their own diamond and jewelry collections.

Helzberg Diamond Masterpiece
Helzberg Radiant Star
Helzberg Limited Edition Collection
Studio Bondanza for Helzberg
Helzberg Imperial Moissanite
Journey Collection at Helzberg
Helzberg Signature Collection
Helzberg Diamond Symphonies
Helzberg Luxury Gold Collection
Helzberg Diamond Masterpiece
Helzberg Radiant Star
Helzberg Limited Edition Collection
Studio Bondanza for Helzberg
Helzberg Signature Collection

Helzberg Payment Options
Helzberg Diamonds take Visa, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and of course, the Helzberg Diamonds Credit Card.When buying online you can’t use checks, cash, credit vouchers or gift certificates. For those purchases, you will need to visit a Helzberg Diamonds. You can find a store near you from the store locator on the website.

You can use the Helzberg Diamonds Credit Card account to make an online purchase, when your card arrives and not before.

Helzberg Diamonds also have a Layaway Program.

How to Buy Helzberg Diamonds & Jewelry
You have a choice. You can visit a Helzberg shop or make a purchase online. The price of diamonds could be slightly cheaper online however but you cannot look over the diamonds or jewelry however.

It is better to open an account, if buying diamonds and jewelry online as you can then track the progress of your purchase.

The ordering process is simple and straight forward. There are lots of pictures for you to see what you are ordering and the price of diamonds and jewelery is clearly displayed.

All orders are shipped through UPS. Packages are never marked so it is not possible to tell the contents by the packaging and a signature is always required upon delivery. In addition Helzberg insist that all orders over $1000 US Dollars must be shipped to the billing address.

Helzberg insure their shipping of course.

Provided you have set up an account prior to ordering you can track your order by visiting My Account on the website.

Helzberg Warranties
Are Helzberg Diamonds’ products guaranteed? What is the guarantee?

Helzberg have a Helzberg Diamonds Guarantee which you can read more about on the website. They claim it is a comprehensive guarantee policy, virtually unmatched by any other jeweler.

Which brings us to returns.

Helzberg Returns
Helzberg have a simple returns and exchange privilege. If for any reason you decide to return or exchange your purchase, you have 60 days (*30 days for unworn watches) to do so. Just take your purchase to any Helzberg Diamonds store the location of which can be found using the store locator on or you can call by phone.

If there is no Helzberg Diamonds store located near you, or you decide you want to return your purchase using UPS, Helzberg will arrange to have your purchase picked up by UPS - at no cost to you. Just call for an authorization number and instructions. Please note that all jewelry returned using UPS must pass an inspection before they will issue any refund or exchange.

However, all purchases made in a store must be returned to the nearest store location.

All refunds made by corporate check are sent through mail. Allow 10 business days for mailing. Refunds to a credit card or debit card are processed by a credit card processor daily and then forwarded to the appropriate banking facility for posting. Posting to your account my take 10-14 business days.

More Information on Helzberg
Helzberg has a stated policy on conflict diamonds as stated here.

“Helzberg Diamonds is committed to the ongoing global effort to stop the trade in conflict diamonds, a term that refers to diamonds that have been used to fuel decades-long wars and atrocities in many African countries, and that are suspected to have financed terrorist activities.”"Helzberg Diamonds is committed to upholding the highest human rights standards when purchasing diamonds and jewelry. We are also working with the industry to ensure that all members of the supply chain purchase diamonds that come from sources that meet the same high standards.”

Click here to learn about the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme - a system designed by the World Diamond Council, the Jewelers of America, and the United Nations to certify the sources of uncut diamonds.Recently, Helzberg Diamonds was among eight retail jewelers recognized by Oxfam America and Earthworks for their efforts to support reforms in the gold mining industry. These reforms include respecting basic human rights as outlined in international conventions and law.

If you have bought any diamonds or jewelry from, please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and products including any online complaints and special attention or service given by online.


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