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Discount Diamonds

Discount DiamondsDiscount diamonds are still available and when it comes to the price of discount diamonds it is worth while doing a lot of searching for them as you can find some real bargains.

There are many sites that offer discount diamonds and it is a good idea to really check the diamonds and do lots of comparisons. Not just between web sites but also between different types of diamonds.

The definition of a discount is where something is offered for sale at a reduced price or where a certain amount has been deducted from an existing price. This should be kept in mind and not just accepting that a ‘price’ is a discount price simply because a website or dealer or jeweler says so. You can ask them what the original price was and this can be checked out.

There is a way of checking if a price has been reduced on a web site. It is very and can be done in steps.

Step 1. Open a new browser in MSIE so that you have two, or if you are using Firefox open another tab by selecting ‘Control’ T.

Step 2. In the new browser window you just created put the following link in the field.

Step 3. This will bring up a website called the Wayback machine which is an archive of all websites on the internet.

Step 4. In the ‘Take me back’ field enter the website that has the discounted diamonds you have been looking at. And click the ‘take me back button.

Shown will be a list by date of all changes to that website. Selecting any one of those will give you what “was” on the web site at some earlier date. It goes about 2 to 3 pages deep so should be sufficient to check as most sellers will put their discounted diamonds on the front page or the second page when you select a link from that page.

Step 5. do a comparison on the diamonds shown to see if, indeed, they have been discounted.

Sounds a lengthy process but in fact it is very quick and very easy and when you do it a lot very efficient. And it can, likely save you money as you would be surprised at how many sites are not offering discounted diamond actually at all.

And when it comers to the price of diamonds, it is an easy way to check for discount diamonds on the internet.


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