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Wholesale Loose Diamonds in Australia

Wholesale Loose Diamonds in AustraliaWholesale loose diamonds are quite prevalent in Australia. Australia, in fact, is actually one of the biggest producers of diamonds world wide, producing around 40 million carats annually.

Most of the diamonds are produced in the western state of Australia. This covers almost half of the massive continent and still has vast regions relatively unexplored.

You can purchase wholesale loose diamonds in Australia but only if you are a diamond trader. Technically speaking wholesale diamonds should only be sold to diamond traders and jewelers but you can buy loose diamonds ‘at wholesale prices’ which is quite a different thing.

If a dealers offers you wholesale diamonds you know he is not telling the truth unless you are a trader or jeweler of course. He can offer you retails diamonds, “at a wholesale price”. which is really another way of saying these are at a discount.

In any transaction involving diamonds you need to ensure that you know as much about diamonds as possible. You don’t need to know all about diamonds but you certainly need to know the basics.

You also need to ensure you get a gemological assessment of the qualities of the or a diamond so you can get the price of the diamonds through an appraisal.

One just does not take the word of a trader or dealer on the value or qualities of a diamond or diamonds.

Any dealer worth his salt with have a certificate from a laboratory showing the qualities of any reasonable sized diamond.

Even if you buy from a friend or relation, you still need to know the true condition and qualities of the diamond and its value.

In Australia there are large chains of jewelry stores where you can buy diamonds, sometimes ‘reduced’ to sell. These are usually not the best quality around and have been purchased in bulk and would not interest someone serious enough to want to buy a good quality diamond.

Mostly they employ salespeople and these are there to sell jewelery. The lights in such places are bright and set of anything sparkly to their best effect. Take the diamond out into the natural light and check for inclusions and you will likely be amazed at what you see. Better still take a jewelers loupe in with you and inspect the diamonds. It is rare however that they will have any loose diamonds, only diamonds in settings and it is difficult to assess the quality of a diamond when it is in a setting.

Your best bet is to go to a top quality jeweler and not a chain as you are more likely to actually talk to a diamond jeweler who can assist and will be willing to show you some loose diamonds.

They will not be wholesale loose diamonds in Australia however. And unlikely to be offered at wholesales prices also!


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