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Archive for December 31st, 2006

Certified Diamonds at Auctions

Sunday, December 31st, 2006

Certified Diamonds AuctionsBuying certified diamonds at auctions means it is quite likely almost all the diamonds will be in setting and mostly will be antique diamond jewelery.

This is fall well and good and much antique jewelery can fetch a tidy sum.

However there are some points about buying certified diamonds at auctions to be aware off.

The cuts of early diamonds, by today’s standards, were not so good or precise and sometimes you can get a stone that does not have the sparkle or brilliance that a well cut stone of today will have.

Old stones tend to be worth more mounted than loose as the entire antiqueness of the piece is worth more than the diamond itself.

Old diamonds were cut by hand and not by machinery, so the precision is not there. This means there is a wider variation in the cuts and therefore a wider variation in the price. One needs to take great care when picking antique diamond jewelry. A large poorly cut antique diamond of the same weight of a modern well cut diamond can be worth up to 50 percent less so it is important to understand something about diamond cuts and the proportions that give the best sparkle and brilliance.

For example, the girdle (that outer rim of a diamond), tends to be cut thinner on antique diamonds which makes them more fragile and easily chipped. Modern diamond cuts will have a thicker girdle although too thick and it adds too much weight to the diamond reducing its sparkle and giving a poorer light refraction.

Modern certified diamonds can be bought at auction and these will tend to be lose stones and should always be accompanied by a certificate. The stones and certificate should always be inspected prior to the auction taking place.

If you are going to an auction at, say Sotheby’s, then you can be sure that any diamonds on offer there will be of excellent quality and will usually fetch a substantial price.

Buying certified diamonds at online auctions is potentially dangerous as you have no way of comparing the stones with the certificates. Only if there is a very clear cut returns policy whereby you do not lose any money is it worth considering the idea of purchasing a stone by online auction, certified or not.

If you can attend certified diamonds auctions in person, this is always the way to go to ensure you can see and possibly bid on a certified diamond.

Buy and Sell Diamonds in Los Angeles

Sunday, December 31st, 2006

Buy and Sell Diamonds in Los AngelesTo buy and sell diamonds in Los Angeles is very much like buying and selling diamonds in any city or town in the world.

It is more important to keep in mind the following points regardless of where you buy and sell diamonds.

When buying diamonds, checking out a variety of jewelers in your town or city is a good idea. Get a very good idea of what is on offer and what is available.

It helps to have a specific idea in mind of what you want in terms of size, cut, clarity and color. Check the price of diamonds in that range with a number of jewelers and dealers.

If you are buying a reasonable sized diamond better to get one that is loose and not set as it is virtually impossible to examine a diamond in a setting with the same degree of accuracy. Settings can disguise and cover up flaws such as surface blemishes and inclusions or black spots indicating a more cut.

Also you cannot see that the diamond is properly proportioned.

Look at a number of diamonds at once. Preferably all placed on a white background. Many jewelers will use a black background as that does not show up the yellow in some diamonds. A white background, such as a folded white business card, will quickly show up the true color of a diamond.

Ask to examine diamonds displayed under a jewelers loupe. If the shop assistant or jeweler refuses then go else where. A good jeweler will do everything to ensure you know exactly what sort of diamond you are being offered.

Probably, if you are in Los Angeles and you can afford to do so, then go to one of the better class jewelers such as Tiffany’s. You will pay much more but the diamond you get will be of excellent quality and, importantly, genuine.

A certificate of appraisal should accompany the diamond and you can usually visually check the diamond against the certificate to ensure they match. The certificate will indicate any flaws such as inclusions, even those invisible to the naked eye but visible with a loupe or under magnification.

If you are buying a particularly high value diamond then insist on seeing it under a microscope and compare what you see with the Gemological Lab Report for that diamond.

The more you look at diamonds this way and see the size, shapes, qualities and flaws and how much each one sparkles and how much brilliance each one has the better you will be able to judge a good diamond from a poor one.

Then when you come to buy and sell diamonds in Los Angeles or any other city for that matter, you will be able to pick out the best diamonds for the price you want to pay.

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