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Carat Diamond Per Price

carat diamond per priceThe carat diamond per price does not fluctuate much due to market pressures but does vary according to the quality of the diamond.

The cut, clarity and color of a diamond does affect the carat diamond price but the cost of diamond is equal to the weight times the price per carat.

The size of a diamond has the biggest impact on its carat diamond per price. The metric carat, which equals 0.20 gram, is the standard unit of weight for diamonds and most other gems. If all other factors are equal, the more a stone weighs, the more valuable it will be exponentially. Gemological laboratories always measure the carat weight of a diamond when the diamond is loose or unmounted.

While it is possible to estimate the weight of a mounted diamond, the lab uses ultra sensitive scales to achieve an exact weight, measuring three decimal places, although the third decimal place is not usually mentioned at the retail level.

Here are several ways to express 1 carat:

1 ct.
200 milligrams
1/5 gram
100 points
4 grainer (not often used in retail environment)

Prices of diamonds are expressed in the trade as a price per carat. This is true for the overall price of the stone and is also true for the unit price per carat. This is why a 2 carat diamond is more than double the price of a 1 carat diamond and why the value of a diamond rises exponentially with the weight.

For example:

Diamond “A” = 0.25 carats and costs $1,000 per carat. $1,000 x 0.25ct = $250/stone.
Diamond “B” = 0.50 carats and costs $1,250 per carat. $1,250 x 0.50ct = $625/stone.

It is important to understand that when you compare two diamonds of the same shape, the one having a larger carat weight does not always translate to the larger looking stone. Dimensions can play a significant role in the diamond’s appearance.

In addition, another aspect in how a diamond is cut can affect the size appearance. If the diamonds “girdle” is too wide, for example, a stone with a higher carat weight can look smaller with no benefit to its appearance. That is because the diameter of the diamond is widest at the girdle and “hiding” weight there does not significantly alter the behavior of the light entering the diamond.

Keep in mind that finger size is an important consideration as well. Small fingers will make a diamond appear larger.

It pays to understand something about diamonds and how they are graded in order to understand the carat diamond per price.carat diamond per price


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