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Archive for September 15th, 2006

Diamond Engagement Price Ring

Friday, September 15th, 2006

diamond engagement price ringWhat is a diamond engagement price ring? This merely refers to the price of a diamond engagement ring.

What sort of price should one pay for a diamond engagement ring?

This depends on a number of factors. Probably the first factor is budget. What can you afford? The usually price would be two months salary for a diamond engagement ring so you would be looking at getting the best possible diamond ring for that money.

A really good quality diamond ring will cost around 2000 US dollars per carat. Of course you can get cheaper but the quality is not going to be so good although the weight will be the same.

You should be looking at the cut of the diamond, Princess is one of the most popular and fits well on a ring. The color and clarity should be the best possible. It is entirely possible to find a cheap ring where the jeweler emphasizes the weight of the diamond and does not bring to your attention the color and clarity of the diamond which can be poor and reduce the value of the diamond to a few hundred dollars.

This brings us to the other factor which is to ensure that the diamond is supplied with a certificate from an independent gemological laboratory which has checked and compared the diamond to other diamonds of known quality and can state what the quality of the diamond you are looking at is really worth.

The other factor of course is the precious metal containing or holding the diamond is. Gold is great and platinum is probably even better being a harder metal and more long lasting. Gold is a soft metal hence it is often mixed with other metals to increase its hardness (and also reduce the gold content of course). 22 or 18 karat gold is fine as it is around 80 to 90 percent gold. 10 and 14 carat is less than half gold and contains more nickel and silver and other metals, some of which may cause an allergic reaction if worn constantly as an engagement ring is likely to be done.

So practice due diligence and keep your eye on the above points when a diamond engagement price ring is in mind and you will enjoy purchasing a diamond ring to last a lifetime.

Canadian Diamonds

Friday, September 15th, 2006

canadian diamondsCanadian diamonds have only recently been mined since around the 1990s. Before that diamonds in Canada was little more than a pipe dream although exploration was being done as far back as the 1960s.

However major Kimberlite discoveries in the Lac de Gras and Northwest territories opened up Canada as a significant producer of diamonds and now Canada’s diamond industry is worth over two billion dollars with the potential for bigger production looming on the horizon.

Further mines are expected to open up to 2008 including one at Snap Lake, Victor near the James Bay in Ontario and Jericho in Nunavut. These mines will bring Canada up to third in world diamond production when they peak.

Currently Diavik, Canada’s second biggest mine is expected to peak at around six to eight million carats a year.

Canada employs over 1200 people in the diamond industry and a further 1000 in support industries and a total of around 4000 in the entire market.

Although the Kimberley process for Rough Diamonds was initiated in South Africa to curb the market for conflict diamonds, this has been taken up promptly by Canada who have been a leader in the process to control conflict diamonds pledging support along with the other 8G nations in Kananaskis, Alberta in 2002.

It seems evident that Canada is going to be a world leader in the production of diamonds in the future. Russia is actually the world leader in carat production producing almost 25 percent of the worlds diamonds followed by South Africa. Canada looks set to be the worlds third in line.

Who knows, perhaps the next diamond you buy may be a Canadian diamond!

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