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Black Diamond Price

black diamond priceBlack diamonds are also called carbonados and are just one example of colored stones available. They are created by squeezing carbon atoms less than a billion years ago so they are generally younger than the standard diamond.

The black diamond price is high due to it’s ‘rarity’. I put that in quotes as, in fact black diamonds are not that rare at all really. At least not in comparison to other colored diamonds. The rarity is somewhat artificial as DeBeers owns most of the black diamonds in the world and tends to hoard them, as it does with many diamonds, in order to keep the price high.

Black diamonds can be quite beautiful and striking in the right setting and make ideal rings and pendants. Black diamonds can look striking with gold or silver and platinum. A proper setting should be used to hold the diamond firmly in place. A claw setting is better that a glue setting., Glue can deteriorate and the ring fall out and that is the sort of shock one can do without.

Black diamonds come under the same banner for grading as other diamonds. You do need to have an authentic verification of the diamond to ensure it is, in fact, a black diamond and not an imitation or fake. A proper certificate of appraisal is important to ensure that you are getting the genuine article, from an independent gemological laboratory is vital.

It is well worth the cost, especially with an expensive diamond, and is valuable for insurance purposes also.

You can buy black diamonds on line as well as perhaps your local jeweler may have some. It pays to show around and find out what is available and what sort of prices they are commanding. When you go to the jeweler, ask lots of questions. Understand how diamonds are graded (There is heaps of information in the links on the right) and get yourself an idea of how much diamonds are worth. There is no substitute for due diligence when it comes to spending big money!

A black diamond price need not be prohibitive if you keep the above in mind and know before you buy!


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