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Best Diamond Price

Best Diamond PriceWhat is the best diamond price?

The best diamond price is that price which you pay for a diamond which reflects the value of the diamond and no more.

The trick is to get as close to that as possible. This is done by knowing how a diamond is assessed for value.

The primarily quality checks should be done by a independent appraisal laboratory such as the G.I.A. or the Gemological Institute of America for example. Others are featured at the appraisors links. These checks should include a description of the cut, clarity, color and carat weight of the diamond. From that the value of the diamond can be assessed.

Many people look only at the carat weight of the diamond but this is a foolhardy activity. It is possible to have two diamonds of the same carat weight but with a big difference in the cut, clarity or color and that can mean thousands of dollars difference in price. The cheaper will be more inferior and, in fact, worth a lot less regardless of how much the jeweler charges for the diamond.

This will become apparent if, at some time in the future, one wants to sell the diamond. For an inferior diamond with a poor color or clarity, even if the weight matches a diamond of good quality, the value can be down tio only 10% of the original price, if that in some cases.

So it pays to be very well aware of how diamonds are graded and to have some knowledge of the various factors that influence the value of a diamond.

A good start is to go to The four Cs in the links on the left, and find out what these factors are and how they affect the value.

There is no substitute for doing one’s due diligence when it comes to purchasing diamonds either loose or in jewelry.

So to get the best diamond price make sure the diamond has a certificate from an independent laboratory and that the jeweler or dealer gives you a fair price for the quality of diamond offered.


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