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Diamond Princess

Diamond PrincessA diamond princess or, more properly a princess diamond, is actually the cut of a diamond in a certain shape. In this case a square shape.

The princess cut diamond is well known for the fantastic sparkle it imparts to the viewer The diamond appears more shiny and brilliant than other cuts, even the round cut. The princess diamond is more correctly known as the square modified round cut.

The Barion Cut was actually the precursor to the princess cut and was created around 30 years ago by Basil Watermayer of Johannesburg. The Barion cut was subject to a number of patents which restricted its availability for a number of years and so the princess cut came into being. And has become generic for the square cut types as distinct from the rectangle. Other names used for Princess Diamonds were Squarillion, Quadrillion, and Profile Cut.

In addition to the above this is on of the most popular shapes of a diamond as it can be set easily into a ring as well as with other princess diamonds in a row. The claws or prongs that hold it can be very stable and hold the diamond allowing no or little movement of the diamond.

A setting such as this also allows the bottom of the diamond to be visible and this is easier for a diamond appraiser to gauge the diamond without removing it from the setting.

A princess diamond can be virtually any size and carat. It can be any color and clarity and each of these three factors will determine the value and so the price of the diamond.

When purchasing a princess cut diamond whether in a setting or loose ensure you get an independent evaluation from an independent laboratory to determine the cut is indeed a princess cut, that the clarity, color and carat of the stone are as the dealer described. Apart from the insurance aspect of being able to accurately value the stone in the event a claim is required, you also need to know that you have not paid too much for an inferior diamond.

A diamond princess, or princess diamond, cut can enhance any piece of jewelry if in the right setting and the right style.


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